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Optimising your Instagram Profile

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

After my last blog on How to use Instagram to find clients, I had lots of questions about the various steps - and one of those which kept coming up was how to actually optimise your profile!

One of the quickest and easiest changes to make is profile optimisation, so here are my top tips on how to get started!

👉🏻 Use a photo of you in your profile pic - people want to get to know you, not your logo!

👉🏻 Have your first name in the name field (again its about getting to know you), as well as searchable keywords for what you do - e.g. Kayleigh, Virtual Assistant Coach. If your business name is your @ handle, don't repeat it here.

👉🏻 use the 150 character bio to talk about who you help and how you help them - focusing it directly on your ideal client. Try not to repeat words you've already used in your name field, e.g. use VA rather than Virtual Assistant.

👉🏻 Make use of the story highlights to show off your branding and to save relevant stories - good ones to include are 'about me', 'work with me', 'testimonials', 'services', and 'tips'.

👉🏻 If you have space, include a call to action in your bio - 'book a discovery call' is a good one!

👉🏻 Use a landing page link (like for your Instagram link so you have everything in one place - put your CTA link at the top!

And that's it! Six beautifully easy to implement tips on how to optimise your Instagram profile. Doing these things will make you more visible, more easily searchable and will make your profile more attractive to potential clients!

If you want more support in attracting clients, creating content and getting visible then come and join my Virtual Assistant Visibility Club here.


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