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5 Reasons You Aren't Signing Clients in Your VA Business! ⁠

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Have you ever felt like you just aren't able to attract the clients you want, or that the potential clients you are speaking to aren't converting?⁠

I am often asked how to find future clients for your VA business and here are the top 5 reasons I give as to why you might be struggling to sign clients

1️⃣ You aren't showing up consistently⁠

Consistency is key! Start by deciding how often you want to post on social media, create a plan and stick to it. There is no use in saying that you will turn up every day of the week and then run out of content two weeks later.

2️⃣ You aren't hanging out where your clients are⁠

Are your clients at networking groups? Do they have particular Facebook groups but you only post on Twitter? Find out where your ideal client is hanging out and hang out there too!

3️⃣ You aren't confident about what you offer⁠

Ever had someone ask what you do and you clam up? Me too! You know what you do but aren’t sure how to best word it? Practice, practice, practice. Film yourself answering the question, or write down what you offer and why you offer it. You will feel more confident about what you offer and this will come across to potential clients.

4️⃣ You aren't speaking to your ideal client⁠

It can be easy to speak to fellow VA’s when starting out (you are a friendly bunch), but it can become too easy to stay within this safe space. Finding out where your client is and going there will enable you to contact them directly.

5️⃣ Imposter syndrome has come to visit! ⁠

Yep- this one is a hard one to get over but when you feel yourself comparing yourself to others, remember that even if your friend is going on and on about being ‘fully booked’ that this can mean different things to different people. Fully booked can mean 1 hour a week if you want it to, or you can be working all the hours you can but still want to fit in more.

Remind yourself why you started your VA business. You KNOW you are good at X,Y,Z, and now is the time to believe it!

Full transparency? I've made every single one of these mistakes at some time or another. ⁠

If you want more support in attracting clients, creating content and getting visible then come and join my Virtual Assistant Visibility Club here.



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