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Do you need to niche as a VA?

This is one of the first things I work through with any of my new coaching clients - knowing your niche. ⁠So how can you niche as a VA? And more importantly, do you need to?

No! You don’t! I have worked with plenty of women who have built a successful business without niching, offering admin services to any business which needs them. And if you don’t want one or can’t specify one, that is just as valid a choice as having one.

However (there is always a however! 🤣) it can be very useful to niche.


It is the FASTEST way to grow your business and to become known for what you do. It allows you to direct your marketing to a specific client, solving their specific problems.

But how do you do that? Here are four different ways you can niche as a VA (and you could choose more than one as well!)


You’ll have seen social media, book-keeping, copy & content VAs - and many more! You may find that your services fall under a certain category - and if so, you may choose to specialise that way.


Are you incredible at a particular platform? E.g. Dubsado, Zapier, Wix, Shopify, TikTok? If you have an expertise or love for one platform, this is a great way to become known as the go-to VA for it.

Client demographics

You may find that you are drawn to working with clients with certain characteristics, often which will mirror your own. For example, women, parents, and spiritual or green people. This often evolves organically and will be rooted in your beliefs and values, rather than your skills. Working with clients who fit your ideal demographic will really help you to build a business you love.


This is a common way to niche and is where you might choose to focus on previous experience. There are VAs who specialise in legal, PR (waves 👋🏻), fitness, coaching, etc. If there is an industry where you have experience, know what challenges your potential clients are facing, and can speak their language, then this can often give you an edge.

The benefits of niching is that it makes your communication much easier.

Ever heard the saying, when you speak to everyone you speak to no-one? Basically meaning that by trying to speak to everyone, your message will be too vague and won't resonate. ⁠

If you know exactly who you can help, who your ideal client is, and how you can help them, then you can tailor all of your communications to them. They will hear you and remember you.

The one thing I will say about niching is unless it’s obvious, then let it come to you. It will evolve and change as your business grows, and you don’t need to rush in the early days. If you want some help exploring your niche, then drop me an email or comment below, I’ll be in touch x



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