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Guest Blog - Introducing FEA Create

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

by Jenny Smith, Technical VA, Soulfully Virtual

I’m Jenny Smith, Founder of Soulfully Virtual, and I love all things tech and systems.

I named my business Soulfully Virtual because whilst I knew tech was going to be at the forefront of what I offered I am not your average tech fan!

I am spiritual and into the woo woo world which means that I connect heavily with female creators and coaches, which is ultimately how I found FEA Create. It combines the best of both worlds for me with its incredible functionality and its aesthetic looks but it is still a relative newcomer onto the scene of all in one platforms - so I wanted to showcase it for you all.

What is FEA Create

If you have been around the online business/coaching world for a while you may be thinking FEA sounds familiar, it stands for Female Entrepreneur Association and is the business platform for Carrie Green. Her membership has always taught all things business building, courses, memberships etc so they created a system that provides the functionality for everything they teach whilst also carrying the aesthetic of the FEA brand and providing a platform for any woman regardless of background or skill to create her own digital empire.

I’ve used the term all in one system in my introductory paragraph and you may be wondering what that means and it’s very literal, in that it is a platform that eliminates the need to have lots of different systems to complete different tasks. It has been created with the thought in mind of hosting a whole load of functionality that those of us running online businesses need all in one place.

Just as examples FEA Create covers.

  • Creating your own website

  • Landing pages and sales funnels

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Scheduling

  • Create online courses

  • Create and host online memberships

  • Automations

  • Invoices

  • Proposals

  • Manage and track opportunities with pipelines

  • Manage calendars and bookings

And there is even more, which can feel overwhelming! However, this is where the great support comes in, not only is there an FEA Create University and Knowledge base to teach you everything you need to know, you can also book onto a technical onboarding call to get things set up and if you get really stuck there is chat support who are incredibly helpful! Plus, the bonus of having an all in one system means that you become very familiar with the way different things are laid out and where settings are etc instead of having to learn this repeatedly for all different systems.

How I use it for my business

I am a full convert to FEA Create which means I run virtually everything in my business through it! It’s allowed me to consolidate the systems that I was already currently using and future proof my business by providing me with a platform to create and sell training and support products.

I moved my website from Squarespace as my first action, creating something that fitted with my brand but also made it easy for potential clients to find out about what I do and to book in for a call. This meant that I had no need for Calendly anymore as I could create my calendar booking system directly in FEA Create and not only that but take payments for paid calls too!

It doesn’t just stop at taking payments for calls or products; you can also set up and send your branded invoices, linking them with popular payment tools such as stripe.. It also connects with QuickBooks if you still want to use that platform for managing your expenses etc.

Next was creating my email list and having a free lead magnet to encourage people to sign up. This was super simple to set up with funnels and automation templates all there ready for you, you just need to duplicate them and customise to your branding! I’ve now completely moved away from Mailerlite and send all my newsletters and offers from FEA Create now.

And the future? The possibilities are endless especially as there are new features being added all the time, such as the proposals section, which amongst other things allows you to record electronic signatures (could this be the end of my digital signature subscription for my contracts!). I’m always genuinely excited by what I can create next with this platform and how I can use it to grow my business and make it easier.

Who should consider the switch?

Firstly, any female (female identifying) run businesses who offer courses and/or memberships, for me, if that’s you, it’s a no brainer to move across. The number one reason being it will save you money, it is cheaper than the leading online course provider but in addition it will allow you to move your website across, your email marketing, calendar booking systems etc, eliminating a lot of the additional subscriptions that you will have as a business. It is also designed to make running your business easier regardless of your digital skillset and the support and training offered is better than I have seen from most tech systems!

Secondly any VA who offers websites, email marketing, funnels etc there is a growing market of people using FEA Create so it is a great specialist system to have in your arsenal. Plus, you get all the other benefits that I’ve talked about in this article for your own business, even if you aren’t selling a digital product or course yet, it allows you to build your email list, manage your potential customer pipeline, host your website, invoice your clients, and schedule social content (I’m sure there’s more too!)

If you have read this and find yourself intrigued about FEA Create or are an existing user of the platform and would love some extra support, you can book a free call in with me to discuss how I can support you and your business with the platform.

I’m Jenny Smith and I run Soulfully Virtual, a name inspired by my love of all things spiritual whilst being an incredibly logical and techy person! I call myself a tech superhero because I know that I can quickly come into a business and their systems and get them back on track and where they need to be. Soulfully Virtual was first born back in August 2021 but whilst still working a full-time corporate job it didn’t really get off the ground until March 2023 and I have been full time since then.

This blog was prepared or accomplished by Jenny Smith in their personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this blog are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Kayleigh Johnstone or COZ PR.



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