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Guest Blog - Your client thinks you’re too expensive? Smart strategies for Virtual Assistants to keep rates firm and clients happy

by Liesje Wright of Rock Hill Virtual Assistants

Like many, I was sold the Virtual Assistant dream on TikTok and Instagram. The algorithm had me gripped; the freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance it promised were incredibly appealing. Who wouldn't want to ditch the commute, work from the comfort of their home, and have more control over their schedule, especially when faced with unexpected situations like a sick child? Because there are many VAs, you can’t blame your clients for assuming that our skillsets are limited. They do not know the specialist knowledge or high tech skills that you come armed with until you enlighten them. 

We've all been there: the discovery call where you're brimming with enthusiasm, then... the dreaded pause when you mention your rates. "A bit higher than expected," they might say. Don't panic! This is your chance to shine and convince them of the value you bring.

It's About Value, Not Just Price

First things first: help your client differentiate between your value and your price. They're not just paying for your hours; they're investing in your experience and skillset. VAs are diverse, with specialisms ranging from basic admin (typically lower rates) to technical tasks like automation (higher rates). To justify your rates, you need to articulate the specific benefits you bring.

Tailor these benefits by asking questions about their pain points and their business and personal goals. Your response of how you will add value should then be linked to eliminating these pain points and helping them to achieve their goals. Maybe they have clunky processes you can streamline? Perhaps you can suggest time-saving tech or improve their compliance. Do they have ADHD and need help scheduling focus time or help with prioritising?

Educate and Communicate

Clients might not fully understand what a VA can do, or have misconceptions. Be prepared to educate them about the processes, tools, and expertise involved. Break down your services, highlighting the complexity and importance of each task. This transparency builds trust and aligns your rates with their expectations.

For instance, they may lack documented processes – your speciality could be creating them! You might point out tech that could streamline tasks or improve compliance. Share success stories or case studies that resonate with their situation – paint a picture of how you've helped others!


Not all clients want the same thing. Listen to them and consider whether you can tailor your services and packages to their needs and budgets. You could offer tiered options – basic, standard, and premium – allowing them to choose what fits their finances and business goals. 

This tiered pricing strategy is a win-win. It caters to different budgets and paves the way for client growth. As their needs evolve, they can climb the value ladder by upgrading their service package. This can lead to happier clients, better retention, and increased revenue for you as you offer more growth opportunities.

Reducing the scope of work instead of the price

Instead of a package, it could be more appropriate to alter the scope of work. Proposing a smaller package or fewer hours that fit their budget, while maintaining your hourly rate, keeps your value intact while accommodating their financial constraints.

I used this method for a sports massage therapist who had all of the ideas for his social media posts, he just didn’t have the expertise or time to design them in Canva. By having me design his social media content, he could finally post engaging content consistently on his socials. I was even able to sell him more hours by offering to help him to respond to the extra engagement and enquiries that he was getting.

Building Relationships for Long-Term Success

Focus on building relationships based on trust, quality, and consistent delivery. Clients who value the relationship and recognise your contributions are more likely to accept your rates. Cultivate loyalty through excellent service, regular communication, and going the extra mile.

As you work together, remind them of why they agreed to your rates in the first place. Regularly show them how you've saved them time and money. Celebrate their successes you've contributed to, and offer suggestions for improvement.

The Bottom Line

Facing clients who deem your rates too high is a common hurdle. But by emphasising value, educating clients, offering customised solutions, and focusing on long-term relationships, you can address these concerns.

If a client continues to push you to reduce your rates despite a clear demonstration of value and attempts to re-package or re-scope, then it's almost certainly a sign that they’re not your ideal target market. I speak from experience that there are many brilliant businesses out there who value the benefits of a great VA and you will find them.

If you’re in need of a Virtual Assistant or would like to find out more about what I do to add value to your business, then please email me to book a free discovery chat - Remember to let me know if you’re contacting me after reading this blog post.


Hi, I'm Liesje, a married mum of 5 (2 girls and 3 boys) between the ages of 6 and 20. I have known my husband since we were 12 and he is incredibly supportive of all of my mad ideas and ambitions. I embarked on a law degree at 35 and went through considerable growth and resilience during this time. It's not easy studying full time whilst maintaining the responsibilities of being a mum and a business owner. I have 11 years experience as a nail artist so I am not new to running a successful business. I live in Somerset and feel incredibly lucky to live somewhere so idyllic surrounded by countryside and beaches. I am also a dog-mother to our 14-year-old rescue dog from Cyprus called Kenny, who joined us 10 years ago. In my spare time, TikTok has me attempting DIY projects and I love weekends away in Cornwall, and the Cotswolds with my family. I also like to read popular fiction, particularly thrillers (my current favourite is anything by Lisa Jewell).

TikTok: @rock.hill.virtual

This blog was prepared or accomplished by Liesje Wright  in their personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this blog are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Kayleigh Johnstone or COZ PR.



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