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the business-savvy va® accelerator


Is it time to get rid of the confusion and give yourself clarity?

Are you ready to stop feeling stressed and start feeling savvy?

Do you want to feel confident and empowered to create your dream business?

then let me introduce you to:



business-savvy va

are you ready to grow an incredible business?

Are you ready to get super clear on the business you want to build, get confident with

your visibility strategy, map out your goals , and develop aligned pricing and packages?

You might be...

Stuck with how to progress your business.

Overwhelmed with all the noise on social media.

Struggling to bring in consistent revenue.

Lacking confidence in your services and pricing.

Tired of asking for advice online, not knowing if anyone will answer.

Wishing for a biz bestie to share what worked for her.


yoo hoo!!!

I've been there.

Asking myself 'should I niche or not?'

Comparing myself to others on social media

Worrying about charging too much, or too little!

Working with misaligned clients through fear

Offering services I didn't want to do, just because other VA's offered them.

Does any of this sound familiar?

The Business-Savvy VA Accelerator is designed exactly for women like you

Women who want to develop and grow Virtual Assistant businesses they love but need some guidance.


Women who have SO many incredible ideas for themselves and their clients, but want someone to bounce them off of and help structure them into goals.


Women who KNOW there is more waiting for them, they just need the support and guidance to go for it!

that's where i come in!

Over the course of this  1:1 programme, we’ll have 10 recorded 60-minute calls, with support via messaging in between. We’ll figure out together what your goals are, and break them down into manageable chunks, turning them from intimidating to achievable.

Together, we'll map out a visibility strategy for you, focusing on where and how to sign clients. We'll focus on the mindset work needed to elevate you from an employee to an entrepreneur, so you have the confidence to offer the services you want at a price of your choosing. We’ll put processes and systems in place to help your business run smoothly, maximising your productivity and reducing your stress.

let me guess...

You feel frustrated and stuck.

Unclear about your next steps.

Sometimes you consider jacking it in and getting a ‘proper’ job.

You dont have the support you need in real-life.

Fed up of asking for advice online and not getting definitive answers.

Intimidated by the amazing success others seem to have.

Confused about why you aren’t seeing the growth you want.
Overwhelmed by all the amazing things you want to achieve.

i know how you feel. that was me in 2020.

It’s time to change that.

Time to bring in calmness, clarity, confidence, and capability.

It's time to build the Virtual Assistant business you dream of.

That’s exactly what The Business-Savvy VA Accelerator will help you to do.

Working with Kayleigh has been amazing. Before I started the programme I had a lot of doubts about my journey and how I was going to achieve my goals, working with Kayleigh has allowed me to gain the courage and confidence to follow my heart and build the life I want for myself.

a new or aspiring Virtual Assistant, at the very start of your business journey, just getting set up, but are uncertain about what to charge, what services to offer, and how to find clients. You feel confused, excited to get started but not sure what to do first. You have joined a heap of Facebook groups, dipped your toe into Instagram or LinkedIn, but are overwhelmed by the information out there.

maybe you are...

Or maybe you’ve already been in business a year or two but are feeling stressed, overworked and underpaid. You aren’t working with your dream clients, and can’t see a way to consistently break through that £2-3k a month mark. You spend all your time working IN your business,

but have no freedom to work ON your business.

you're in the right place

sound familiar?



business-savvy va

what you get

Join me for 10 sessions of totally tailored, one-to-one coaching where you will have a biz bestie on tap to support you through the process of establishing or growing your successful, sustainable Virtual Assistant business.

I love your ideas!

You are full of gems and it has just helped so much. I feel really energised now and our call has really brightened my day!

during our time together you'll learn to:

Identify your ideal clients - those dream people that you will wake up thrilled to work with every day - AND where to find them.

Discover your zone of genius and exactly what services you should be offering, so you can boldly share them with prospective customers.


Price your services to be profitable and create packages that your dream clients won’t be able to resist.

Get visible in a way that feels comfortable for you, at your own pace.

Address and resolve any mindset issues so you feel energised to achieve the growth you are meant for.

Set up the technical and legal side of your business so you can operate stress-free.


I’ll be holding your hand every step of the way as you take action you feel totally aligned with and step into the freedom of running your own business.

and best of all?

so how do we do that?

Pre-call survey so we can maximise our time together

A personalised business strategy board created for you on Trello

10 1:1 coaching sessions with me over Zoom

Video recordings of each session

Access to all of my amazing mindset training materials

Chat support between calls

sound good? it doesn't stop there!

I'm also giving you LIFETIME access to my incredible

business-savvy va bundle

This one-of-a-kind bundle gives you access to all the templates and documents you need to get started as a Virtual Assistant, including:


Template Contract - Pricing Calculator

Social Media Post Prompts & Key Dates Calendar

Profit & Loss Statement - Invoice Template

reasons to work with me

save time

I’ve already been through this journey! Done the research, asked the questions, and paid the experts. I can help guide you through the decisions you need to make, help you to avoid making my mistakes, and do it faster than I did!

Benefit from my expertise

I love tech and will be able to suggest options to get you started (and train you in several!), cutting through the noise of the thousands available online and making your decision-making process stress-free.


It is very easy to put things on a to-do list and then ignore them or push your business to the bottom of the priority list in favour of clients. Working with me will mean you have someone gently holding you accountable and checking in on your progress.


We’ve all questioned ourselves at times, and having a coach on hand to ping a message if you need clarification or a confidence boost is super assuring. I will be there to set you back on track if you have a wobble.

your investment


Pay in full


x3 payments

I was turning down potential dream clients because I had no capacity. I knew that it was an opportunity to grow my business, but it wasn't until I worked with Kayleigh that I had the confidence to. I've since expanded my team and my business is growing rapidly. Thank you Kayleigh, you're a star!


Can we have a chat before I apply?

Of course! You can book a free call here

Why should I use a coach?

So many reasons! By having someone to support you who has been where you are now,you’ll save time and energy in your decision making and your progress will be fast-tracked.You’ll have an automatic biz bestie to help keep you going when you are feeling low, cut through the noise when you are feeling overwhelmed, and pop the Prosecco when you have something to celebrate!

Why should I invest in myself now?

Why shouldn’t you!? You ARE your business, its strongest asset - can you think of anything more important to invest in? And as for why now? You’ve come here for a reason babe - if this is calling to you, it’s the right time.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for you if you want to stop all the confusion and chaos in your head, and are ready to get started to confidently build the business that you dream of. It's for you if you want to stop downloading all those freebies and joining three-day challenges, which inevitably leave you more confused than when you started. It's for you if you want to get up everyday and do something you love, that offers you the freedom to set your own pricing,services and schedule. You may have a few clients already or are looking to sign your first one, and you may be feeling like you aren’t clear on the next steps to take. It’s for you if you are ambitious, and are ready to invest in yourself and take positive action to achieve your dreams.

Who is this programme not for?

This programme won’t work for women who aren’t ready to take action to achieve their dreams. If you aren’t motivated to invest the time and effort needed to make the programme a success, then The Business-Savvy VA Accelerator isn’t for you… yet.

Where did you learn this stuff?

Been there, done that! I worked in business strategy for YEARS in massive corporations before leaving to work in PR - where I helped small agencies with business development and strategy. Fast forward to 2020 when I set up my own agency as a VA, and within six months was working with dream clients, bringing in £5k a month while working 25 hours a week. I’ve invested repeatedly in growing my team, training, an amazing coach and a mastermind - so this programme is all about sharing everything I’ve learned with you, so you can get there even faster than I did!

What do I need to get started?

Not much! Two hours a week for the coaching calls and implementation, and a skill that you can offer your clients. Decide if you want to pay in full, or by interest-free payment plan, and apply! I’ll be reading your application personally and getting back to you within 24 hours - because it’s important to me that we are the right fit for each other.

You are just like an oracle. Every time I speak to you I have lightbulb moments.

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