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the pr-savvy va ® 

But ‘who IS she’, I hear you ask?


I’m Kayleigh, PR Queen, VA Coach, and Founder of COZ PR. 


I’ve been both a VA and an OBM, and I’ve been navigating the PR industry for almost a decade. Before that I was in the corporate world, developing super-sharp business management skills. 


It’s that happy combo that gives me my chosen job title - The PR-Savvy VA® . 


I’m a self-confessed Excel and Trello geek (and proud of it!), and I love spending my time working with amazingly inspirational women, helping them to develop dream VA businesses, and even incorporating PR as their zone of genius! 


Ready to start building your dream business?

hello beautiful!

I work with Virtual Assistants, helping you to refine your niche, define what your ideal client looks like, develop pricing and packages, and expand your skillset to include public relations. 


When I’m not doing that, I’m getting into the nitty-gritty with fabulous boutique PR agency owners, helping you to streamline processes, recruit a fantastic team, and nail your ideal client avatar. Oh - I do a fair bit of media relations as well! 


If you’re a VA who is ready to step up a level and start building a business and life you love;


or an established VA who wants to upskill in public relations, develop a rewarding new zone of genius, and charge more;


a PR agency owner wanting to take your business to the next tier, stepping away from the day-to-day ‘doing’, and build a thriving, successful agency;


or even a senior PR manager thinking about starting your own agency and not sure where to begin, 


then have a read of my services to see how you can work with me

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client love


Kayleigh is the right hand I never knew I needed. Seriously! Since we started working together she has helped me to not only secure some amazing coverage for my clients, but she has also helped me to get my day-to-day operation working smoothly and seamlessly. Not only is she a whizz at systems and processes, but also knows what is needed when it comes to PR.

Sarah Lloyd, Founder & PR Alchemist,

IndigoSoul PR,


the pr-savvy va

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