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Getting motivated

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Motivation. Purpose, get-up-and-go, enthusiasm, drive, determination, impulse.

Some days motivation can be totally elusive, and you find yourself falling down a YouTube rabbit hole, prioritising the washing up, or other distraction techniques, rather than knuckling down to client work!

This is particularly true when working from home and running your own business. However, all is not lost! Here are some top tips on how to find your motivation.

1. Have a shower. The hot water has an invigorating effect, and repeating your daily habit of washing can trick your brain into beginning again.

2. Think of something you’ve achieved that has made you proud recently, and how you felt that day. Start your day/task with that feeling in mind.

3. Put on a daft song, LOUD, and dance around like Mick Jagger in ‘Dancing in the Street’. This does wonders to clear the mind and release endorphins.

4. Call someone for a 5-minute chat about nothing in particular – distract yourself so when you hang up, you are ready to face the world.

5. Time block your diary, ensuring that you are keeping it in large, manageable chunks, with white space in between each chunk.

6. Book a co-working session. These are great for holding you accountable to achieve the goals you set at the start, and the accountability of others is a fantastic motivator.

7. Turn your phone off, close the curtains, get back into bed and stick something great on Netflix – NB save this one for if tips 1-6 fail. Sometimes taking a break is the best thing to reset our mental state and motivate us for the next day - and after all, this is why you set up your own business!

Need more help to find your motivation? Book a free strategy call with me to map out your next steps to growing your VA business and get that spark back!


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