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Getting started on LinkedIn

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

One thing I'm often asked is "what sort of content should I be posting on my social media"?

There is so often a disconnect between the work someone does to grow their client's reputation vs focusing on their own - namely, the client work always comes first and yours drops down the priority list.

Sound familiar?

However with a little bit of planning, you can make sure your LinkedIn profile is full of interesting, regular content. Here are some top tips on how to get started.

1. Choose a scheduler. Hootsuite, Buffer and Later all offer a free package allowing limited scheduling and auto-posting on LinkedIn. Edited in 2023 to add that LinkedIn now also includes native scheduling of posts, so thats another option, however they can't yet be edited, only deleted - so it depends how much flexibility you want as to whether you use this.

2. Optimise your profile. Make sure it has a current, clear image of you, that it is up-to date with what you do and who you help, and get it looking attractive and easily readable. You can add recommendations, links to websites - make the most of your space as this is a great 'shop window' to you and your business. To read more about profile optimisation, check out my blog "Optimising your reach on LinkedIn".

3. Keeping your ideal client in mind, start making personalised connections. Comment on their content, engage with them in an authentic way, and when you send a request to connect, tailor the request, referencing something you liked in their content.

4. Start noting down your own ideas for content - here are a few places to start.

  • share articles you've enjoyed reading

  • share client news

  • write about a service you offer

  • share a testimonial you have received

  • post a favourite quote

  • research upcoming key dates

  • talk about your business journey

  • share some insider tips

5. When you've planned out and written your content, pop it into your scheduler. There is no real formula about what's best when, so go for what feels natural. Once a day, once a week - just put it on a regular schedule so your posting is consistent. Using an image isn't vital, but they can help to attract attention to your posts.

6. If a post has worked really well for you, generating lots of engagement, then you can pin it to your profile so it's always at the top of your activity.

7. Download the LinkedIn app to your phone and turn on notifications so you can respond quickly to anyone reacting to your posts.

8. Try and pop on once a day to like, comment on and share content your network is posting.

If you want more support in attracting clients, creating content and getting visible then come and join my Virtual Assistant Visibility Club here.


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