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Five MORE places to find clients as a VA!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

After my first blog on this topic, I was asked to do a follow up with more places to find clients, so here you go!

You've got your friends and family talking, you've been offering some amazing support on your industry groups, you've introduced yourself in your local business groups, and you attend a regular networking meeting. But you want to do more and try different options to see exactly what works best for you.

There are LOADS of different options for VAs to find clients, and finding clients takes consistency. There is no point going quiet when you're fully booked, only to have to scramble to book discovery calls when three clients give notice at the same time! Visibility is a gentle marathon, and demands consistent effort, in the right places.

Here's five more places for you to find clients.

1. Current clients.

Have you considered asking your current clients to recommend you? Chances are, if they are happy with your services, they'd be happy to suggest you to others as well. Let them know you are looking for new clients and have capacity. You never know, they might choose to increase their hours as well!

2. Previous clients!

Not one to be forgotten, it's worth getting in touch with past clients (and past employers), to let them know you are available and to remind them of your services. It might be the nudge they need to work with you again. If not, they can always recommend you to others in their network.

3. Instagram!

If your clients are hanging out on Instagram, it can be an amazing place to find clients as a VA. You can use your page as your 'shop window', sharing advice, motivation, and behind the scenes content. It gives you the option to create different types of content, from static posts to 24-hour only stories, to joint live videos. It's also great for using hashtags to search by industry, service, or location.

4. LinkedIn

Another amazing social media network, LinkedIn is the most business focussed of them all, so depending on who you want to work with and the services you are offering, you might find this a very useful platform. Less image heavy than the other social media channels, LinkedIn allows you to share text content, connect with others, and engage with those you follow. You may find this blog post Getting Started On LinkedIn useful.

5. Facebook VA groups

These are a fantastic source of support, advice, and job opportunities. A couple of notable ones are Virtual Assistants UK, and my own group, The Business-Savvy VA, though there are many more available. You'll find that jobs are regularly posted on these groups. These give you the opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise, apply for work, and become known for your niche.

And that's it! Five more fantastic options for you to find clients as a VA.

Within my coaching programmes I help you with identifying who your ideal client is, what services you should offer them, and where you should be getting visible to attract that client. I support you every step of the way as you confidently attract and sign clients, building the VA business of your dreams.

If you want more support in attracting clients, creating content and getting visible then come and join my Virtual Assistant Visibility Club here.


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