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Five places you can find clients as a VA

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

So, you've done all the fun bits of setting up your business.

You've got your domain and email address set up, you've had a whale of a time designing your branding in Canva, and you've sorted your insurance, ICO reg and contracts.

But what now? The scary part of getting visible and finding clients!

It can be overwhelming at the start - Where do I get visible? What do I say? How often do I say it?

This is the first of a series of blog posts all about how VAs can attract and sign clients - let's start with 'where'.

1. Real life!

In the digital world we live in it can be all too easy to forget that 'virtual' doesn't have to mean geographically distant. Make sure every single person in your life knows what you do and who you help. Get them talking about it. If you have 10 friends and family members talking about your services to 10 people each, that's 100 potential clients right there!

2. Local business networking groups.

Again, more of that real life stuff. I recommend these groups not just for the potential of finding clients, but for stepping in to that role of business owner and building your own connections. Typically, these groups only admit one person per job type, so you'd be the only VA there, with a ready made pool of business owners to talk to.

3. Facebook community groups.

A hybrid of real life and online - if you have a personal Facebook profile you've probably been on these groups yourself. It's where members of your community complain about fireworks, ask for electrician recommendations, and generally congregate online. Introducing yourself (check if it's allowed first!) and what you do in these groups is a great place to start, as they are frequented by lots of small business owners, and they may prefer to work with a fellow local entrepreneur.

4. Industry social media groups

These are great if you specialise in a particular industry, like public relations or personal training. You'll find these groups all over social media, particularly on LinkedIn and Facebook. Chances are, self-promo isn't allowed, but you can still get recognised for your skills by posting help and advice.

5. Work with another VA

You may be aware of the term 'associate VA'. This is where your main client is the lead VA, and they find and sign the clients, then outsourcing the work to you. This lets you build up your experience and confidence, earning income while finding your own direct clients elsewhere.

So there you go! Five quick and easy options for you to start finding clients, and there will be more to come. It can feel overwhelming to start getting visible, to know where to focus your efforts, but try some of the above and see how you get on!

Within my coaching programmes I help you with identifying who your ideal client is, what services you should offer them, and where you should be getting visible to attract that client. I support you every step of the way as you confidently attract and sign clients, building the VA business of your dreams.

If you want more support in attracting clients, creating content and getting visible then come and join my Virtual Assistant Visibility Club here.


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