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Meet the VA - Anna Salisbury from Salisbury Virtual Assistance

My name is Anna Salisbury and I launched my business Salisbury Virtual Assistance back in November 2021.

I had previously worked as a front line social worker but decided not to return following the birth of my now 8 year old daughter. I spent a few years just enjoying being a stay at home mum and four years later my youngest (now 4yrs old) joined our family.

I dabbled in a few work from home roles during this time but decided it was time to find a job I could do flexibly around my children on my terms. My business specialises in business administration support for small businesses. I niched down into the neuro rehab space which I really enjoy and utilises skills I gained as a social worker. I have recently also launched my second business Salisbury Concierge which provides lifestyle management to high achieving women and is definitely where my passion comes to life.

Who or what inspired you to become a VA?

I had a friend , Sunny, who was working as a virtual assistant out in France around her family and it really got me thinking about if it was something that I could do.

Have you had any support starting up as a VA?

I have had some amazing support from other women in business during the past two years including Kayleigh herself, Marie Daines (Mindset coach), the women in my networking groups and of course my family.

What has been your highlight since starting your business?

Being able to drop the kids to school and collect them and not having to worry about asking permission for days off if the children are poorly. Of course the ability and confidence to launch a second business was amazing too!

What was your biggest challenge?

I really struggle with imposter syndrome and lack of confidence in myself. I was badly bullied at high school and reached burn out as a social worker. This is something I have had to really work on and seeing the belief my clients have in me has been incredible.

What advice would you offer other new or aspiring VAs?

Try not to worry too much when you're starting, You don’t immediately need a logo or a website etc. My admin business still doesn’t have a website after 2 years! Get the essentials - insurance, ICO registration and a contract and just open yourself up to the opportunity.

What tools/apps/software can’t you live without?

I couldn’t live without Trello! It is how I am able to keep on top of multiple clients' tasks and differing deadlines without dropping the ball.

I am also loving Chat GPT and how AI can help with inspiration. I personally hate social media and it has really helped me get my head straight around content and pain points.

What three words would you use to describe yourself, and why?

Outgoing, Loyal, and bubbly. I love trying new things and meeting new people, I am loyal and discreet when working with my clients and I have a great bubbly personality that draws people to me 😊

What has surprised you about becoming a VA?

The amount of people out there working as a VA given that I had never heard of it before starting!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love reading and countryside walks. My children and husband all play rugby so we spend a lot of time at rugby clubs!

What is next for you and your business?

Salisbury Virtual Assistance will be passed over to associates for the direct client work so I can spend more time bringing in new clients whilst I am launching Salisbury Concierge. Salisbury Concierge is now open for business so I am doing lots of networking and getting my business out in the local area whilst arranging some collaborations with a couple of local businesses.

What is the ultimate goal for your business?

My ultimate goal is for both businesses to run with associates handling the majority of the direct client work so I can concentrate on growing the businesses and making it a profitable business and freeing up my time to enjoy more family time and work with more amazing women

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This blog was prepared or accomplished by Anna Salisbury in their personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this blog are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Kayleigh Johnstone or COZ PR.



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