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COZ PR services are ideal for anyone wanting to get their brand, name and expertise in the press, whether you are a complete beginner or have already begun your media journey. 


At heart, PR = helping people. Public relations doesn’t have to be promotional in the same way that advertising is - though it can sometimes feel that way. I work directly with you to develop a PR strategy that is totally aligned with the path you are on, taking the elements of your journey that you are happy to share, communicating it only to places and publications you are comfortable with, with the aim of helping others by telling it. 


Packages are available in Starter PR, PR Mentoring and PR Consulting. If what you want isn’t detailed below, then please do get in touch to discuss a bespoke offering.

Get your free PR checklist when you sign up to the mailing list. You’ll also get ad hoc PR advice and (hopefully useful!) anecdotes. 

done-for-you starter pr

Perfect for women who already have the confidence to get themselves in the press but perhaps don’t have the time or expertise to prepare a strategy. 


This one-off package takes 90-minutes of your time initially, where we delve into your business journey, pick out the press-worthy elements of your story, and start work on tailoring a PR strategy.


When we’re done, I work behind the scenes to develop an amazing PR framework totally tailored to you and your business, including a media-ready bio, list of personal and professional expert topics complete with a personalised pitch, and even a tailor-made contacts list of media for all the publications you most want to appear in! You’ll have everything you need - and more - to get pitching yourself to the press in less than a month!

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Done for you

you will get...

90-minute kickstarter call


A tailored contacts list of your dream media


A comprehensive, press-ready media bio


A personalised pitch ready to send out to your target publications

pay in full


payment plan


x3 payments


1:1 pr mentoring

Don’t have the budget to outsource your PR, but want to get your name in the press, a story in your mum’s favourite mag, or oodles of juicy social proof to share on your website and insta? This is EXACTLY what you need. 12 weeks of amazing 1:1 time, where we develop an incredible PR strategy totally tailored to you and your business and I teach you all my insider secrets. You can even bring your VA along to support your PR journey! 


We start with a 90-minute kickstarter call to delve into your story, expertise, and biz journey. Then, every single week for 11 weeks we have an hour together to work on and action your PR plan, creating your media bio, media lists, and pitches along the way. You’ll have my full support and advice between calls. By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll be confident in pitching to the media, have a veritable library of stories in your back pocket, and your parents will be proudly showing off their daughter in the press!

1:1 PR mentoring

you will get...

A personalised pitching and content board created for you on Trello

Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with me over Zoom (12 in total)

Lifetime access to a huge bank of INCREDIBLE PR templates and training tools


Chat support

pay in full


payment plan


x2 payments

payment plan


x3 payments


pr agency consulting

Welcome my fellow PR Queen! I know this world isn’t new to you, you’re already a dab hand at getting coverage for your clients - it’s why you have your own PR agency! Now you’re ready to scale it - maybe you want to develop more packages, niche more into working with your ideal client, or expand your team. I’m here to guide and support you. 


Working as part of your team from day one, I help you to figure out the productivity and profitability of your agency and how it can be maximised. Together, we will develop tools and systems to streamline your operation, while recruiting and training an incredible team. 


During that scaling process, I take on day-to-day PR management, including client liaison, until your team is ready to step into that role. This means you can take time off, book holidays, or just relax, knowing that your clients and team have a trusted representative of your business available. 


This totally tailored package is dependent on your exact needs, starting at £1,100 per month. 

Pr Agency

here are some of the amazing publications we’ve secured coverage in

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