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How much does it actually cost to get started as a VA?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

One of the many AMAZING things about becoming a VA is that it might not cost as much to get your business off the ground as you might think!

So, what do you actually need to invest in? And how much will it cost you?

1. Business bank account - Free!

Actually, you don't NEED this. There is no legal reason for it if you’ve set up as a sole trader.

However, setting one up from the start keeps things super organised, allows you to see at a glance what money is coming in and out of your business, and saves you changing details on your invoices down the line.

I can recommend Starling and Mettle.

2. Domain and email addresses - £3-5 a month & £10 a year

Having a business email address is important in helping you set the right tone. Giving potential clients a generic Gmail or iCloud doesn’t give the same impression as

You need to buy a domain to be able to do this - usually a penny in the first year, then around a tenner annually thereafter. You can buy a domain just by googling ‘buy a domain’, but I recommend GoDaddy (if you want to use Outlook for email) or Google (if you prefer Gmail). You can buy both the domain and your email access through the same provider. Email (often tied in with office) access is around £3-5 per month.

My advice would be to keep the domain and email address as simple as possible - avoiding initials, punctuation and challenging spellings. This would be one of the first things I’d set up.

3. ICO registration for GDPR - £35 a year

Do you need it? YES!

As a virtual assistant, you will be handling a variety of confidential client data, which ICO registration covers you for. It costs £40 per year, which is then reduced to £35 if you select to pay via direct debit.

(I will say that the ICO itself seems to change its mind regularly when you fill in the online check - it’s better to be safe than sorry for the minimal annual fee.)

Again, this would be one of the first things I’d set up.

4. An editable contract that you will use between you and your clients - £70 one off

I recommend Koffee Klatch, who offer a wide range of contracts suitable for VAs, including social media, easy UK-based VA contracts, and more. The VA Terms of Business - Basic is usually perfect for start up VAs, plus they offer video support.

It is important that before using a contract with a client you have a good understanding of what is included so that if your potential client asks any questions you can answer them with ease.

You can get your VA Terms of Business through KoffeeKlatch – and you can get 10% off with my code Cozpr10.

I also supply a fully editable contract for all my 1:1 coaching clients!

You do not need to buy the contract until you’ve at the point of signing your first client - but it’s good to have planned out where you are sourcing it.

5. Insurance is a MUST when setting up your business - £10 a month

Professional indemnity insurance covers you against claims of negligence, confidentiality, libel and slander, and can be bought via PolicyBee for as little as £8.53 a month. You might like to look into additional policies, such as public liability and cyber insurance, and explore whether they are right for your business. Your insurance provider will help you with this.

Again, you don’t need to start paying for this until you’re signing your first client, but it’s good to be prepared.

So that’s it!

By spending some time at the beginning of your VA journey researching and purchasing the right items, you will save yourself a huge amount of time going forward.

And it’ll only cost around £50 initially, then another £80-100 when you’ve signed your first client!

Still confused as to what you need? Email me at I would love to help.

*This blog contains affiliate links where one or both of us may receive a fee or discount if you buy. I’m only recommending products I’ve used myself.



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