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The parable of the chinese bamboo tree

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

As a new(ish) business, there has been lots of groundwork in place to get to the point of website launch and securing clients. There is a lovely exemplar of this in the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree.

Planted in year one, the seed needs to be nurtured in good soil, watered regularly, and given enough sunshine.

In year two, there is no visible activity above the ground, however unseen, the seed is putting out roots, building a strong foundation.

The same continues throughout years three and four, with the farmer maintaining focus and care.

In year five, the efforts and perseverance are rewarded as the tree finally shows growth - and incredible growth at that! It shoots up 80 feet in only 6 weeks.

This can be likened to any new business. Put in the toil, dedicate the time, and don't give up prematurely just because we don't see any growth on the surface. We may become disheartened when we see the trees of our peers sprouting faster. To continue the gardening analogy, perhaps they planted a buddleia. However, if we don't give up, the seeds of our dreams will bear fruit one day, be that in days, weeks, months, or even, like the Chinese Bamboo Tree, years.



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